Goalies, Inc. shows local athletes how to dominate between the pipes

MARQUETTE — Hockey goalie is one of the toughest positions to play in all of sports and Goalies, Inc. is a perfect place to learn from the best.

The camp focuses on the basics like balance and staying within the crease, but also emphasizes the ability to process information, a trait that camp founder Jim Stanaway says just comes with practice.

“So hockey is not a game of shots, specifically for goaltenders. It’s not just stopping a puck. It’s learning how to develop a mindset to make decisions in situations. There’s no right or wrong way to stop the puck. But the decisions that we make can make it easier for us and give us an advantage if we play within a system and learn how to make good decisions during different situations,” Stanaway said.

The camps are held in seven different states in the Midwest, but they have expanded recently. They were in San Diego California a few weeks ago, and last year a special camp was held in Belfast, Ireland. Stanaway hopes to continue expanding and adding more dates in more locations.

“I learn from guys who do it more than I do and know more than I do. I take that and I learn, evolve and I do my best to really make it the best program I can each and every weekend. And it’s a different experience every weekend because we can take some of these ideas that we have and cater it to the kids to really give them an individual learning experience, rather than just a cookie–cutter, same–thing–every–weekend type of camp,” said Stanaway.

For more information, you can head to their Facebook page at facebook.com/Goalies Inc Hockey School.