Summer camp gives adolescents glimpse of skilled trades

MARQUETTE — Young adults from the area have the opportunity to get hands on experience with a variety of skilled trades through a summer camp being offered by Northern Michigan University.

This camp explores multiple career options from cosmetology and bike repairs to welding and even crime scene investigation. 7th through 12th graders participating in this three-day camp have the chance to learn these skills from numerous NMU faculty and qualified community members.

“It’s a really good time of their life to get a sampling of career paths that are out there that they might not know about, it’s really that hands on experience that they get at these camps,” said Continuing Education and Workforce Development Director, Stephanie Zadroga-Langlois.

One group of 12-year old girls had quite the learning experience while exploring cosmetology.

“We’re doing manicures and basically we’re learning how to clean our hands and get ready for a manicure, then we’re learning techniques on how to paint it,” said 12-year old Participant, Maya Lackey.

“It’s really fun, I once got a manicure before and I liked it but now being able to do it, it’s really cool,” said 12-year old Participant, Delaney Diddams.

Other career options explored during the camp includes culinary skills, auto repair, and building construction. Participants can be anyone from anywhere, with one participant coming from the Lower Peninsula.

Organizers of the camp already plan to hold a similar one next year.