Annual veteran home car show drives in the crowd

MARQUETTE — The D.J. Jacobetti Home for Veterans annual car show took place this afternoon in Marquette bringing out excitement and nostalgia.

For nearly 20 years the veteran car show has allowed vets to come and appreciate cars from many different eras throughout history. This year, the event had twenty five cars ranging from the teens, 1920’s; to 60’s and 70’s muscle cars. Every year the veterans at the home look forward to talking about the cars with other enthusiasts and reminiscing about the car’s past.

Many who attend owned one of these cars or knew someone who did previously. The car show provides nostalgia for the veterans and brings back memories from their youth.

“They see that particular car or whatever and then they tell that story again. About how their dad had one or they learned to drive in one of those or something like that or met their wife, or dated in it. A car has a lot of significance in our culture so it’s connected in many many ways,” said volunteer coordinator, Ken Arseneau.

Most of the participating cars came from the Pasty Crew Car Club but all were welcome to bring and show off their vintage cars