Kids compete in annual biggest fish competition

CALUMET– Although Saturday started off a bit chilly, around 200 kids participated in the 13th Annual Kids Fishing Derby in Calumet over the weekend.

Starting at 9 a.m., kids surrounded the Swedetown Pond to try to catch the biggest fish. The event is hosted by the Calumet-Keweenaw Sportsmen’s Club in conjunction with Calumet Township.

“It’s something we host annually to give back to the community and let the kids enjoy the wilderness,” said Calumet-Keweenaw Sportsmen’s Club member Greg Nakkula. “We did this in association with today’s society. Everything’s getting a little bit fast-paced, little bit to get back to nature, let the kids be with their family and enjoy the great outdoors we have here in the Keweenaw.”

The club provided worms for bait and had extra rods on hand for kids who needed them. Everyone enjoyed a free hot dog and prizes went to those who caught the biggest fish, including a $50 grand prize.