Chicago Fire host local youth soccer camp

MARQUETTE — “Yes Soccer”, a youth training camp from Britain, was sent to Marquette this week on behalf of the Chicago Fire of the MLS to hold a special camp in association with the Superiorland Soccer Association. And the campers will learn a lot of things from their instructors.

“Not just to take the ball by yourself. Passing with other kids on the field,” said Lily Eberhard.

“We focus on basically how to improve and develop a young player. We let them play a little bit to start off with, just to see how they are. And then we focus on specific titles and subjects like passing, dribbling and shooting. And we try to work it in throughout the week, each subject and then try to make them improve,” camp instructor Jame Blundell said.

The camp was one of several being hosted throughout the entire Midwest to try and increase the popularity of soccer, especially in the Upper Peninsula where the sport doesn’t get a lot of attention.

“I hope that we maybe have more people playing soccer just because we don’t have as much. They’re usually playing a different sport,” said Bella Lorens.

“It’s just to make soccer more enjoyable and introduce a new kind of sport, especially to an area like this. And just to show the fun side of it. That’s the main objective is to show how fun it is,” Blundell said.

If you would like to get involved with the Superiorland Soccer Association, there is more information on their Facebook page.