ISHPEMING TOWNSHIP–Sunnyside Baseball Field in Ishpeming Township was filled with excited fans Tuesday, as the finals of the Westwood Alumni Softball Tournament took place.

All through this past weekend, teams made up of past classmates battled their way through different divisions.
This is the 17th year of the annual event, and according to, Jeff Ogea, an organizer of the event, the crowd just keeps on growing every year.

“Even Saturday, with the rain, we had an incredible amount of people that hung out, and stayed here and watched, and it was really, really good to see,” said event organizer Jeff Ogea. “And we like to keep it family oriented, we like the grandmas and grandpas and everybody to come out and enjoy themselves.”

On Tuesday evening, the blue division played, but the red division was won by the class of 1988, and the class of 1998 took the white division title.