History, flavors, and popularity of National Donut Day

MARQUETTE– Friday is National Donut Day and although many foods now seem to have a day of dedication, the donuts have a backstory.

Huron Mountain Bakery was filled with smiling faces Friday morning. National Donut Day has been celebrated since the late 1930s. The celebration is dedicated by the Salvation Army, to women who served the infantry donuts in WWI.

“I was kind of blown away actually; I kind of saw it as more of a Hallmark type holiday,” Owner Benjamin Hayes said. “But when I found out the actual history of it, I was a lot more apt to eat donuts. We made over 5,000 donuts in anticipation of the day, we’ve got over 40 varieties.”

The bakery says awareness of the holiday seems to be growing every year.

According to Hayes apple fritters and boston crème are the first off the shelves.

Huron Mountain Bakery receives 30 to 40 extra pre-orders on this special day.