Local school band program recognized for music education

MARQUETTE — To many people, music is an important part of their education. That’s definitely the case for one local middle school. Bothwell Middle School is receiving some recognition for their tunes.

That’s the Sound of Bothwell Middle School’s award winning band program.

Bothwell was selected as “School of the Month” for April by Heid Music, a Wisconsin based music company. According to the school’s band director, one reason they received this was because of their comprehensive band program.

She said, “We have a 7th grade band; an 8th grade band; an 8th grade jazz band, and we also started doing a percussion ensemble this year.” Classes start in 6th grade and are divided in between woodwind with French horns, and then percussion and brass instruments.

And according to the band director the education is well worth it. She says being in a band teaches hard work, dedication, and respect; just like being on any other team.

“It’s really taught me how to work with other people and how you really need to listen to other people,” said 8th grader Lillian Biolo–Thompson, who is in the 8th grade concert and jazz bands. “Because if you aren’t listening, nothing fits together and nothing works.”

For band director it’s a good feeling to be recognized.

She said, “It feels like a lot of the hard work we’ve been putting in into things, we’ve always know that it makes a difference but receiving an official award is kind of the feather in the cap.”