City looking to purchase new fire truck

ISHPEMING — Last week, the Ishpeming City Council moved forward with the idea of putting a millage on the ballot that would allow the fire department to purchase a new fire truck.

Members of the fire department and the city council got an up close look Wednesday afternoon at a potential fire truck they could purchase. The fire truck has a 75-foot extension ladder with a bucket on the end of it.

That unit is one the city is looking to purchase if the millage passes. The station’s two trucks are 12 and 22-years-old.

“These fire trucks are very expensive. A regular pumper truck is in the neighborhood of $500,000 said fire chief Ed Anderson. “These ladder trucks in the 75-foot range are in the $750,000-$800,000 range,” he added.

The cost of that fire truck brought to the city to check out is $800,000. Ishpeming citizens will vote on the measure in August.