Prestigious golf course scheduled to open next week

MARQUETTE — Today’s weather was a pleasant sight to see for many Yoopers, especially those working at the Marquette Golf Club.

The Heritage Golf Course opened last month and the golfing community is eagerly awaiting the opening of Greywalls for the season. Craig Moore, the Groundskeeper Superintendent at the golf club says the course had an exceptional winter and came out of the harsh season in great shape.

The spring season has been another story. Inconsistent weather patterns have made it difficult to cut the grass on portions of the course.

“We have been able to mow and clean off a little bit of growth we got last year after we closed down, kind of stimulant the plant and try and get it going but again we’re waiting on warmer temperatures for that to happen,” said Moore. “Greywalls lags 2-3 weeks behind the opener. All the rock crops they hold the snow a lot longer. It just takes longer for the piece of property to dry out.”

Moore says if the rest of the week goes according to plan, they will open Greywalls Monday.