Retired Marine with U.P. ties announces congressional run

TRAVERSE CITY, MICH. — Retired Marine Corps officer Matt Morgan has announced his candidacy for Congress representing Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

“I’ve spent my life putting service before self. Now I’m seeking that same opportunity, but this time at home, here in Michigan. For years our representatives have had every opportunity to address the challenges facing our communities, and they’ve failed. We need a fresh start,” said Morgan.

Morgan, the son of a highway construction foreman and a public school teacher, served as an infantryman and public affairs officer in the Marine Corps before retiring as a lieutenant colonel. He and his wife, Angie, who grew up in L’Anse and Kalkaska, live in Traverse City with their two school-aged sons.

“Since leaving the Corps, I’ve felt that I could be doing more to help Northern Michigan and the UP,” said Morgan. “Families work two jobs and can’t make ends meet. One in five children go to bed hungry each night in our hometowns. Entire communities miss out on new job opportunities, because we lack basic infrastructure, like high-speed Internet and reliable roads, which attract modern employers. We deserve better.”

Matt has worked as an independent military consultant and as an advocate for helping facilitate veterans’ access to healthcare and post-combat related mental health services. In 2016, he produced the groundbreaking documentary for the Smithsonian Channel, The Unknown Flagraiser of Iwo Jima, which featured the positive identification of a previously unknown Michigan native.

For more information on the Morgan for Michigan campaign, contact Lisa Maxbauer Price at (917) 518–4345 or visit: