Stay safe by paying attention while at the wheel

NEGAUNEE– We all have very busy schedules and multi–tasking is often unavailable, and this is especially true where you’re driving.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and the Michigan State Police want to make sure that your focus is entirely on the road while driving.
One of the biggest distractions is texting.

If you need to send or read a text, pull over and park. There are a number of different things that can distract you when you’re behind the wheel that you might not think about.

“There’s lots of distractions in a motor vehicle; it can be that you decide to change the radio station. You need to remember to that if you’re eating while driving that can be a distraction, if you’re having problems with your children again you need to pull over instead of trying to get the problem solved while you’re down the road and take care of it. Please pull over, like I said we’re seeing a lot of people that are being distracted while driving and they need to be paying attention to the road.”

Trooper Rasanen also said to make sure you’re not daydreaming or planning out the rest of your day while driving.