Looks students participate in state-wide tornado drill

ISHPEMING– A group of students participated in a state–wide initiative to help people practice staying safe during a tornado.

Students at Ishpeming Middle and High School had a tornado drill today as part of a state–wide voluntary tornado drill.

At 1 p.m, students were dismissed from class and escorted into the auditorium, which is considered to be the safest part of the school. Students waited there until they were dismissed and their principal said she was thrilled with how it went.

“Today was a great day for our students to participate in state–wide drill for tornado safety,” said Ishpeming High School and Middle School principal Vicki Lampinen. “We’re very happy with the results of the drill and co–operation of the students; they’re orderliness in dismissing to the auditorium.”

The drill was put on by the Michigan State Police and was for all residents in the state. According to their website, the state police suggest you can prepare for a tornado by finding a safe place to go, having a plan with your family, and making sure you have emergency supplies, including a charged cell phone.