Local students producing upcoming Battle of the Bands

MARQUETTE — The Battle of the Bands competition that is coming up this weekend, not only gives Marquette residents the chance to rock out to some local music but also the opportunity for students to learn the process behind similar productions.

The preparation behind the upcoming performances has been done through the help of NMU students. In a theatre class, the students are relied on to assist in the auditioning process, book the bands, and assist with technical production tasks, such as lighting and audio.

Having this experience gives students the opportunity to get hands on training that they can apply to real world scenarios in the future.

“We get to watch the bands perform for us for a little bit during the audition, we got to pick which ones were going to be a part of it this year. Working with the bands themselves and working with people here at the theatre, it has been a really great experience,” said Northern Michigan University 4th Year Student, Brady Skewis.

A variety of music will be performed on the stage, from metal and rock to Indie folk styles. Cash prizes will be given out to the winning bands, and raffles will b available at the event. The competition will be this Saturday at the Forest Roberts Theatre at 7:30 P.M.

Anyone from the community is invited to attend and tickets can be bought at the door for ten dollars.