Students learn importance of composting

ISHPEMING — Students at one area school were taught the importance of composting while at lunch today.

Dan Perkins, the Farm Director of the Partridge Creek Farm came to Ishpeming High School to kick of their new composting program. The students are being taught how to feed to worms and to take out anything that is compostable and put in a composting bin. This compost will then be used as soil at the Partridge Creek Farm for growing food for the community.

Teaching the importance of compost to students, can further educate them on recycling their food rather than letting it go to waste.

“It’s really important to get in their heads that not all garbage is garbage, a lot of it can be used again. Secondly, that we need to grow food and that food comes from other food, we can turn it in to soil and back into food. We don’t want to put that all in the landfill,” said Farm Director of Partridge Creek Farm, Dan Perkins.

This was the first day Dan Perkins was at the school but he plans on continuing to collect compost in the future and eventually spread the compost collection program to Westwood and Negaunee High School. Perkins also added that composting is something all families are capable of doing.