Students show off research to other students & faculty

MARQUETTE — Around 100 undergraduate and graduate students at Northern Michigan University have spent the last one or two semesters working on projects that were displayed to the public Thursday at Jamrich Hall.

Ninety different projects were featured at the 22nd Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship event. Students involved in 18 different areas of study displayed their research on posters and gave a 15-minute oral presentation about their work.

For many students, their research from the past 16 or even in some cases, 32 weeks, is as close as it gets to real-world experience, which makes the projects really rewarding.

“They’re getting to do this very hands on, in-depth work at an undergraduate level, which doesn’t happen at undergraduate institutions,” said Erica Goff, NMU Director of Grants & Contracts. “They’re the leader, they’re the investigator. They’re diving into these questions and the things they’re so passionate about,” Goff added.

“A lot of people don’t get to do these things and at Northern it’s so small and researched focus that you do get to do these things,” said NMU senior Erin Wylie. “I got to go to California and present my research in front of a lot of people. If you’re willing to put yourself out there and put in the work, then it’s really rewarding,” Wylie went on to say.

Each of the posters was judged by faculty members and volunteers from across campus.