Students tour the National Guard Armory

ISHPEMING — High School students from Gwinn and Ishpeming got a little taste Thursday of things the National Guard does. The Ishpeming Armory hosted students for two and a half hours, giving them a tour of the facility and a few ‘hands-on’ demonstrations.

Students got an up close look at several firearms National Guard soldiers use, from the M-16 to a rocket launcher. They also had the opportunity to ask military members questions, ranging from why they signed for the National Guard to the benefits they provide to their members.

Command Sergeant Major Gary Jensen says the tour is designed to show students how they operate here in the Upper Peninsula.

“The goal today is to not see how many people we can get to join the National Guard. The goal today is to involve the community with some of our soldiers and get them to play with some of our equipment in a safe way and show them that we’re more than what they see on TV or in the movies,” said Jensen.

“We are really community based and we’re here to be part of the community just as much as they do,” he added.

The National Guard was founded in Massachusetts back in 1936. Their primary duty is to respond to local and state incidents when needed.