Local university receiving $6.5 million for broadband expansion

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University will soon be seeing an expansion in their broadband due to a $6.5 million investment fund award from the Michigan Strategic fund.

This award will accelerate NMU’s efforts to extend high-speed educational broadband throughout the entire Upper Peninsula. The funds will go towards equipping 64 communities over a two-year period with educational related access. NMU has recently gained a reputation for being a leader in internet accessibility across the Upper Peninsula.

“We looked at the opportunities that it could create for the whole Upper Peninsula and really help out the communities across the U.P. get connected to education and develop their career/personal skills. I think it’s a great opportunity and it’s a part of what we’re about, reaching out and helping the entire Upper Peninsula,” said Northern Michigan University Vice President of Finance and Administration, Gavin Leach.

The university will be returning a percentage of net proceeds back to the Michigan Strategic Fund to in order to repay for the investment. We’ll have more details on this story and its impact on the U.P. Friday evening on ABC 10 News Now at 5:30 P.M.