Kids from across Michigan compete for state title

MARQUETTE — Kids on hockey teams from across the state are excited to compete at Lakeview Arena this weekend. An opening ceremony featuring a light show entrance by Double Trouble DJ welcomed the competitors to Marquette.

The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association’s twelve-U state tournament starts today and runs through Sunday, with a total of sixteen teams competing for state titles. Many teams have traveled from across the state to participate in this event. Kids on the teams say that they are excited to compete.

“We’re really excited, we worked really hard to be here. We’ve been skating a lot and practicing shooting,” said Nazari Baran.

“We’ve been training hard this year and have wanted to make it all season,” said Tyler Dix.

“This is our main goal to win states and we worked really hard to be here,” said David Girling.

“I don’t know, there’s something about it. It’s just not like any other tournament we’ve ever been to. We’re just going to win,” said Cooper Angelelli.

This event will continue through the weekend with around two hundred and sixty hockey players participating.
All games are free for the public to watch. The Championship games will take place Sunday afternoon.