Car hits giant male wolf outside city

GLADSTONE — An Upper Peninsula resident says her son hit a wolf while driving Thursday evening outside the city of Gladstone.

She is warning her U.P. neighbors to watch their animals when outside. Kelly Norkooli? shared the photos to a closed Facebook group, UP Trail Cams, and a repost of the photos is catching the attention from Yoopers all across Facebook this afternoon.

The driver of the car apparently thought he hit a big dog, and went to inspect the scene, to discover an adult sized male wolf. Police are seen in the photos, responding to the accident.

“Who says wolves are not close to town are crazy… Our son was on his way home tonight and just out of Gladstone, MI, on the highway just before the Log Cabin Grill and Bistro, he saw what looked like a big dog in the headlights of oncoming cars,” the Facebook post read.

‎Kelly Norkooli‎ to UP Trail Cams
9 hrs · Gladstone ·
Who says wolves are not close to town are crazy……our son was…

Posted by Ed N Traci Tryan on Friday, February 24, 2017

“He saw it turn towards the lake like it was going to jump the guardrail but it turned back and ran head on right into the side of his truck. Thinking he just hit someone’s dog, he got out to find he just hit a huge male wolf! Crazy how close to town this was. Watch your animals outside at night cause the wolves are out people!”