Local school is celebrating a different Winter Carnival

ISHPEMING– This week one local school is taking students out of the classroom for a different style of learning.

Ishpeming Middle School and High school are hosting their own version of Winter Carnival. All week long students will be partaking in up to 15 different activities. Today students learned winter survival skills on a snowshoe hike as well as how to find the North Star thanks to the Planetarium.

“Having students partake in outdoor activities shows them what they are able to do around the area,” Dean of Students Tamara Doney said. “So it’s nice for them to go to the tubing hill, they are going to be snow shoeing, and go to Marquette Mountain, so just getting them outdoors. If they’re going to stay here in the U.P., they have to learn to love it.”

“Years ago they use to build snow sculptures, we won’t have sculptures like Michigan Tech but want to see what the kids come up with,” Principal Vicki Lempinen said. “We just thought it would be fun to try something different.”

Other winter activities include Algebra on ice, a life size version of the Hungry Hippo game, and much more. To wrap up the fun filled week students will have a talent show and pep assembly Friday.