Local Sheriff’s Department receives grant

DICKINSON COUNTY — The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Department received a grant giving them some updated technology that will decrease the amount of time officers have to spend in court and more time patrolling the streets.

The AAA Traffic Safety Grant was awarded to the department and assisted by funding dash cameras on three sheriff department vehicles. Having these cameras can be extremely useful especially when dealing with drunk or drugged drivers. These cameras will be replacing older ones that were no longer up to par.

“Our squad cameras had become so old and antiquated that they were no longer operational and we didn’t have the money to replace it in our budgets anymore. It really became a hindernis with us. We got to be so used to in commonplace, defense attorneys, prosecutors, everyone liked seeing it,” said Detective Lieutenant, Derek Dixon.

The grant total was over five-thousand dollars, providing cameras that have state of the art displays and the latest software. This grant also supports the Sheriff Department’s ongoing effort to promote traffic safety for the motoring public.
These new cameras are not only useful for the department but also citizens.

“It’s definitely a good tool for us, not only for accountability for the officer but also like I said, citizen complaints if there are any issues with that. So we can review the tapes and go from there,” said Dickinson County Sheriff, Scott Rutter.

Sheriff Rutter also wanted to express his appreciation to AAA for awarding the department the grant.