Local escape room unveils nostalgic, new room

MARQUETTE — In the bottom of the Masonic Center in Marquette, there has been a chance for you to put your problem solving skills to the test and now you can do that in a classroom environment.

Escape Marquette has just unveiled a new escape room with the theme of a third grade classroom. Clues are hidden throughout the room with the goal of escaping in sixty minutes or less. This room just opened up last week and bookings have already been pouring in.

A record goal has already been set by a team who escaped in forty-three minutes, which is noteworthy since it’s the hardest room offered.

“Our newest room is actually ironically our hardest room to escape. It’s our third grade classroom, it’s a traditional classroom setting like many of us have experienced. However, were using a lot of codes, clue, riddles in order to limit your ability to get out. So if you work together well with a team, this is a great room to try in order to escape,” said Escape Marquette Game Master/Founder, Anna Hemstock.

Other rooms available include the infected room which has a post-apocalyptic theme and the 1963 room that follows the story of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. All the furniture and objects in the rooms are repurposed, including the desks in the classroom that were donated by the Powell Township School.

Since opening the business last July, Escape Marquette has seen an outpouring from the community.

“We can’t say how thankful we are for the support and just the dedication of different businesses, families, and community members that come down and try to support us to make sure we have a place in the community,” said Hemstock.

If you think you have what it takes to escape one of the rooms in less than sixty minutes, you can sign up on the Escape Marquette website by clicking here.