Day focused on giving following biggest shopping weekend of year

MARQUETTE — The holiday shopping deals aren’t over quite yet with today being the biggest online shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday.

Businesses across the globe are celebrating with exciting deals, including local businesses right here in the U.P. Online shopping gives local establishments the chance to sell products all across the world bringing in additional revenue to the local economy.

Stores such as Getz’s in Marquette, Yooper Shirts in Ishpeming, and other stores have products being sold nationally through their websites.

“Basically we’re putting fabulous products out there on the web and people from around the world are buying them and then we’re bringing in more dollars. Then we’re using them locally to do more shopping and to do more giving,” said Lake Superior Community Partnership CEO, Amy Clickner.

While Cyber Monday may be a day for people to get what they need, tomorrow is a day solely for giving to others. Giving Tuesday is the day and it falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving each year. On this day, individuals are encouraged to give to a local non-profit organization.

“After we spend all of our weekend and into the Monday shopping, it’s a great chance to give to non-profits. To those causes that you are passionate about, that you often don’t think about in your busy lives. It really focuses us on that and how important those non-profits are to our community,” said Clickner.

The U.P. has various non-profits to choose from and Clickner mentioned that you don’t necessarily need to give money, but your time volunteering is just as valuable.