CHOCOLAY TOWNSHIP — A local construction company hit a huge donation milestone after a small volunteer project this past weekend.

Dan Perkins and a few crew members from Dan Perkins Construction volunteered their free time on Sunday to put a roof on the pavilion at the Chocolay Township Lion’s Field.

Though the roofing job was a small task, the project itself was incredibly significant to the crew as it pushed their 20 year donation total to a quarter of a million dollars.

Every year, the company gives two percent of their proceeds back to the community through projects like this.

In light of Election Day, Perkins says it’s important to note good in the community, especially in light of negative campaigning in this year’s election cycle.

“This is an Election Day and it’s been a very negative campaign, but Americans have silently been doing great work all over the place, especially in the service clubs like the Rotary, Kiwanis, the Elks, the Lions,” Perkins said. “Everyday these people get out here and volunteer and do wonderful things for the public so just remember there’s a lot of great Americans out there on this day.”

In addition, Perkins said volunteering to make the community a better place to live is the only way to see progress.

“I think we have to take accountability for our communities, for our country, our problems and coming up with solutions. We can’t rely on the federal government to fix our problems, we have to do it ourselves if we want a good community to live in and it’s very important to me,” Perkins said. “It’s our job to create a positive evolution for human beings in general.”

Perkins and his crew have played a major role in other projects like the life saving stations at Little Presque Isle as well as dugout roofing projects at the Lions Field in Marquette Township.