New campground hoping to provide another Upper Peninsula Destination

REPUBLIC– After years of work and planning, it was a very special morning for some residents of Republic.

A small crowd gathered to watch the ribbon cutting for the Northern Lights Campground. Officials say it took around four years of planning and to get here. The campground was built to provide a destination for people to stay within Republic Township by the heritage trail.

“There is no place in the village’s area, either North or South Republic for people to stay, said Republic Township Supervisor Gary Johnson, “there are resorts, but no place to stay; we couldn’t build a hotel, so we built a campground.”

“Well, it’s a great opportunity to link a community closely with recreation opportunities,” said Department of Natural Resources Deputy Public Information Officer John Pepin, “and having it be so close main part of the town it’s a added attraction for visitors and people that like to camp along the beautiful river here.”

Northern Lights Campground was helped funded by the DNR Trust Fund grant and the Cliffs Eagle Foundation It should be officially up for operations starting this upcoming spring.