MARQUETTE — The annual Fall Fest was held on NMU’s campus today, to let students explore all the different clubs and organizations offered.

The festival had a great variety of clubs along with local businesses to get students familiarized with their surroundings.

Games along with free food were offered throughout the festival for any Wildcat passing by. NMU Athletic members were at the event to inform students on how to sign up for intramural sports and how to stay fit during the school year.

This event has received a lot of positive feedback from new students on campus.

“Last year as a freshman when I came here, it kind of helped me get connected to things that I was interested in and it helps you meet friends and just new people faster. It’s also nice to checkout the new things that you can think about, if you don’t have time this year, maybe go out for it next year,” said NMU Sophomore, Noah Ballek.

Some of the local businesses at the festival included Getz’s and Togo’s, who were offering some great deals for students. With today marking the first day of classes, this festival gives students the chance to de-stress and enjoy the free things offered.