MARQUETTE — The Rotary Club of Marquette had a very special guest speaker today to speak about being Muslim in America.

Our very own Sam Ali spoke in front of the rotary club on his experiences being Muslim in America and more specifically, in the U.P. Sam addressed issues of how Muslims are portrayed in the media and educated the audience on the truth behind Muslim beliefs.

With rotary club members reaching all over the World, one of the main missions for the members is to always keep an open mind.

“I think it was right to the point, Muslims are like any other group of people. They have good people and bad people and we shouldn’t judge anybody by some carte blanche representation,” said International Services Chairman of the Rotary Club Marquette, John Weting.

After the speech, Sam answered audience member’s questions on anything related to being Muslim.

“Some people when they want to ask questions, they say I don’t mean to offend you and you shouldn’t worry. Curiosity is a normal human feeling to be curious about something. I feel like we did a very good job of educating people,” said ABC 10 Sports Director, Sam Ali.

Sam said he was surprised when asked to speak at the event but was pleased to hear a group of people were curious about being Muslim.