Brewery brings big barbecue to U.P. community

ESCANABA — If you’re in the mood for a good old fashioned outdoor party, one Delta County business will have just what you need this weekend.

Upper Hand Brewery in Escanaba is holding its First-Ever Backyard Barbecue on Saturday. This is the inaugural barbecue, as well as one of the first big events put on at the young brewery.

“We thought something seems more natural than sort of a Yooper-style backyard barbecue with games, a pig on a spit, great beer – obviously that’s what we’re going to try to contribute here – and a lot of people gathering in one place,” said Production Manager Sam Reese.

Visitors to the barbecue can enjoy games like horseshoes and even human foosball. Organizers say the day was made possible through community collaboration.

“It’s certainly nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I make beer for a living, I don’t throw parties,” Reese added. “I needed help from a lot of people to figure out what we were going to do here. There are a number of community leaders from various organizations throughout Delta County that were on a planning committee for this.”

There are still tickets available for the event, but they’re going fast. For more information about the First-Ever Backyard Barbecue, click here.