DNR holds open house

BARAGA — The DNR held a special event today in Baraga to inform the public on their 20-18 plans.

An Open House was held for several hours and invited the public to attend. At this open house, there were various maps laid out consisting of their future plans. This open house gives the public a chance to ask any questions they have regarding the DNR, such as hunting locations along with wanting to see more deer.

“We do our open house just to let the public know what we’re doing, be transparent with them and let them know what areas we’re actually looking at for harvesting. Said by Unit Manager Brad Carlson, “it’s a good way to communicate with the public and get feedback from the public and see if they want anything else done.”

The DNR sends out their future plans two years ahead of time so the public can plan what they might want done with their property, such as harvesting. This event gives the DNR the opportunity to hear any feedback the public may have. The open house is an annual event and anyone in the Baraga area is invited to attend.