MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University’s rebranding is hitting the ice.

After NMU released their rebranding efforts in April, the school has been working to replace the old logos with the new. This week, the wildcat head the lies in the middle of the hockey arena at the Berry Event Center is getting its upgrade.

In collaboration with Koski Signs in Hancock, the staff at the Berry started work on it today.

The first phase of the project consists of outlining the template on the ice with black chalk dust. Next is the painting of the logo, followed by the rebuilding of the ice sheet once the paint has dried.

“Every year we pull our ice out, and every year we repaint the logo, it just worked out perfect timing that the branding came in April, we pulled the ice out for the month of May and now we’re putting it back in and we can put our new logo in,” said Associate Athletic Director Carl Bammert. “The best thing about this project is the timing was perfect. Getting our new logo out there is huge so we’ll have it in here starting with Skating next week so people can see our new wildcat head and I think people are really going to like it.”

The project itself is relatively inexpensive. The logo rings up around a grand plus the cost of paint and labor.

Bammert expects the project to be completed on Saturday.