MARQUETTE — “On Duty” Bill Schuette – that’s the way Michigan’s Attorney General says to say it, if you want to remember his name.

On Wednesday, Schuette enjoyed a tour of duty through the Upper Peninsula.

It was a notably long day with stops in Iron Mountain and even Sault Ste. Marie. And, of course, the late afternoon visit here at the U.P. Children’s Museum in Marquette.

While Schuette spent his tour reading to children and speaking at various events, some members of the media wanted to know: Is Mr. Schuette running for governor in 2016?

His answer, “I’m not turning the keys to America over to Hillary Clinton – I want a Republican victory in November. That’s my job in (2016); in 2017, what we do after that; we’ll come back and have a conversation.”

So there’s your answer. An answer that came after Schuette spent some time with members of the 8-18 media program, where he discussed his duties as the Attorney General with aspiring, young broadcast journalists.