Local folk art exhibits highlights pieces from 19th century

MARQUETTE — Folk artists have a long history in Upper Michigan. A local folk art exhibit, open for the summer, highlights pieces from the mid–to–late 19th century.

You can find the exhibit at the Marquette Regional History Center Some pieces in the exhibit are from other museums, artists or from the center’s permanent collection.

There are a variety of pieces, ranging from wooden sculptures to textiles to paintings. Some of the pieces on display celebrate the lifestyle of the rural north woods.

“Most of these people were immigrants,” said curator Joe Wittler. “They lived on farms. They were working people and most of us, that’s where we come from and I think it just really expresses that desire to share part of yourself and that your world a more colorful and interesting place.”

The exhibit focuses on those who didn’t attend traditional art school like people today, but still put their heart and soul into creating these pieces.

The exhibit has been open since the beginning of May and will be at the museum through September third.