MARQUETTE — With the school year coming to an end, the Marquette Regional History Center is busy with end of the year field trips. The history center offers a variety of exhibits for students of all ages.

From meeting historical characters to learning about the fur trade, there are options for everyone. The history center offers several tours each day which gives students and families the chance to explore the history of the Upper Peninsula.

“We get field trips from around the entire Upper Peninsula, it’s wonderful to get children in from all different counties and reaches of the U.P. and they come here to the history center for a great field trip experience and outing for their class.” Said Museum Educator Betsy Rutz, “it’s an amazing learning experience for those kids.”

With the different age groups that visit the history center, Rutz said she is willing to personalize each tour to their liking. The excitement doesn’t end with the school year, tours continue throughout the summer and are accompanied by a variety of events put on by the history center.