Fire training ''as realistic as you can get"

GWINN — Sawyer International Airport hosted the annual recurring Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Training for commercial airports all across the U.P.

During the training today firefighters from Houghton, Escanaba, Iron Mountain, and Ironwood airports fought live flammable liquid fires with hands–on application and tactics. An ARFF specialist from Minnesota brought in the simulator, which produces propane fueled flames.

“They’re aiming the truck and spraying where to hit the fire,” said Director of Operations Steve Schenden, “earlier they were doing rescue with the hand hose to spray the simulated aircraft and then they have a couple of dummies that they rescue out of there. It makes you feel a lot safer if you’re flying out the airports in the U.P. to see that these people are training and dedicated.”

The training is considered to be as realistic as you can get. This experience helps prepare the responders both physically and mentally. Each airport firefighting staff is able to use their own equipment, following their individualized policies and procedures.