Students learn life lesson at mock accident

GWINN — One person was killed and another person was taken into custody after a DUI accident today in Gwinn. Fortunately, today’s accident was just an exercise.

Forsyth Township EMS held a mock DUI car accident at Gwinn High School. Before taking in the mock accident scene, students listened to a speech from Nichole Beaudette, who was involved in a drunk driving accident almost a year ago.

With prom and graduation season in full swing, organizers of the event wanted to show students an almost real–life scenario of an accident scene.

“Any EMS provider will tell you the same thing that it’s hard for us to respond to kids and teenagers who are severely hurt like this,” said Jim Meyers of Forsyth Township EMS. “It is a high season for drunk driving, especially among teens being graduation time and prom season.”

“I think it really opens up the kids eyes,” said Heather Boyer of Skandia West Branch EMS. “To see something that is so realistic playing out right in front of them definitely gives them a whole new perspective.”

“I hope you guys make the right choices by not even getting into a vehicle,” said Nichole Beaudette. “Life flashes in front of your eyes so quick you don’t even realize it.”

Emergency personnel from a number of agencies, including Valley Med Flight from Escanaba, participated in the mock accident.

Gwinn’s prom takes place tomorrow.