Dealership surprises customers with gift cards

NEGAUNEE — Customers at a couple of local grocery stores got more than they bargained for Friday, courtesy of a car dealership.

Members of Team UP approached customers in the parking lot who drive cars from their dealerships. They gave each of them a piece of paper to take inside Super One Foods.

When they went inside, each customer received a $25 gift certificate. Officials with the group say they love giving back to their customers and the community any way they can.

“It’s basically just a thank you for being a customer. We wanted to show them some appreciation,” said Brittany Denny, Marketing Coordinator for Team UP.

“You don’t have to come and buy a car from us on our anniversary. We wanted to do something for you.”

“It’s kind of a surprise because they don’t know what they’re getting,” said Robert Hanson, Brand Manager at Fox Negaunee.

“They walk in with a card, hand us a blue card and we give them a $25 gift card and they’re really excited about it. It makes you feel good just to see a smile on somebody’s face. They’re not coming in to buy a car and we’re not here to sell them one. We’re just here to give them a little thank you for everything they do for us.”

Team UP is celebrating its tenth anniversary in business.