Sam tries out goalie school, Conclusion Part II

MARQUETTE — Sam Ali likes to pretend that everything comes easy for him. So when we heard he was going to attend a goalie school, we knew exactly what he was getting himself into. Here is the second and final part of Sam’s journey through Goalies, Inc.

With the weight of a six–year–old on his body, Sam Ali was reading to get between the pipes. And he wasn’t alone, as Ryan Kerkela joined Sam for emotional support. First, they had to do some stretches, something he’s really bad at.

Next, Coach Stanaway taught Ryan and Sam the best way to move from one side of the net to the other. Ryan was able to do it with ease, but Sam, not so much.

Then they learned how to do a butterfly, which allows the goalie to stop low shots. It was harder than it looked.
As you may have guessed, Sam’s biggest issue was just staying on his feet.

Now, it was time to stop some pucks coming from Austin Schultz of the Northern Michigan club hockey team and Hancock–native Halverson Gemignani from the Long Beach Sharks.

“There was just one problem: my mind would say move and my body would say no I’m staying right here,” said Ali. So Coach Stanaway gave him some amazing advice. But still, Sam was more robotic than Wolf Blitzer.

Ryan on the other hand looked like a pro. “I tried to replicate the skills of a kid who was 16 years younger than me,” said Ali. And then it finally happened; Sam saves a puck!

But, with each puck he stopped, a thousand more went in after it.