High school students compete in bioathlon

HOUGHTON — High school students from the U.P. put their science skills to use in biology competition. Here’s ABC 10’s Rick Allen.

Michigan Tech’s Bioathlon is an annual event that brings high students together for a little competition over science. Sixty students worked together in teams at various biological challenges.

In this lab, students were given fake fluid samples and a list of symptoms.

Medical Laboratory Science Major Lauren Kirwin said, “They get to look at all of those, as well as a microscope slide of her urine (fake), to figure out what she has wrong with her.”

In another contest, students dissected pigeons for points. Biological Science Major Travis Wakeham said, “We’re looking at their dissecting abilities, the skills they learned in high school, and then making sure they follow instructions and clean up afterwards.”

It wasn’t just students getting in on the learning. Their teachers took part in an Ethnobotany class.

Biological Sciences Advisor Stacy Cotey said, “In the workshop, we’re going to be exploring the different ways that humans use plants, including medicinal purposes, food and also dyes or pigments.”

Awards are presented at the end of the day for the winning teams.