Street repairs, dog ordinance on city council agenda

ISHPEMING — Jasper Street in Ishpeming may need repairs in the near future.

It was discovered that there is a problem with storm water running into the sanitary sewer.

Ishpeming City Manager, Mark Slown says it needs to be fixed.

The estimated cost is in the $30,000 range.

“We’re asking the city council for permission to do that tonight,” said Slown, “It’ll save the city money in the long run because we won’t have storm water running into the sanitary sewer (which we then) have to pay to process.”

If approved, the improvements would also provide better drainage so streets could last longer.

There was also a request from the council to have an update on the city’s dog ordinance.

“We are requiring that people keep their dogs under control; they shouldn’t be running free and loose.”

Slown added that the ordinance is simply about respecting the neighborhood.