ISHPEMING — A group of students at Ishpeming Middle School have spent the last few weeks coming up with their own ‘fairy tales’.

The fifth grade language arts students compiled all of their fairy tales into books. Those books were entered into a contest called the ‘Fairy Tale Mashup.’ The nationwide contest required students to create a new fairy tale with two of their favorite fairy tale characters in the same place.

Between writing and drawing, the students had an absolute blast coming up with their own stories.

“It was fun because we got to write and I love to write,” said Cora Nicholas, “We also got to draw pictures and usually we don’t get to draw pictures in school.”

“It was the Three Little Pigs and Puss In Boots,” said Evan O’Boyle, who explained what his story was about. “It was the Three Little Pigs and their houses. They had a garden and Puss In Boots was on their side. The Big Bad Wolf was destroying their plants and stomping on them. Puss In Boots made The Big Bad Wolf disappear.”

This was the first year that the classes participated in the fairy tale contest.