Students create logos for an upcoming international event

MARQUETTE — The Upper Peninsula Luge Club is beginning preparations for the International Luge Federation World Cup that’s coming to Negaunee’s Lucy Hill in January.

Senior students in NMU’s graphic design class have spent the last five weeks coming up with three different logo submissions for the Luge Club to choose from to publicize the event. The design work is part of NMU’s Academic Service Learning, which helps students gain a deeper understanding of working in a real world environment.

Designing the logos for the competition fits into that category.

“It’s a real world opportunity to work on an actual campaign, which a lot of us have not had the chance to do just yet,” said Hannah Splan, a senior in the graphic design class. “I think that we had three very different but very unique designs come out of it.”

“It’s really nice to see how well they worked together as team members,” said Jane Milkie, graphic design professor at NMU. “They’re in competition together against different teams and they all worked really well together and it was wonderful to work with them.”

“For the students at Northern it’s great because their logo will be seen in over 50 countries around the world,” said Tammy Wills, a co–coordinator for the World Cup. “This will be a great resume builder for them.”

The Upper Peninsula Luge Club will decide on a winning design sometime in Mid–April.