MARQUETTE — The DNR is on the hunt for volunteers interested in teaching the younger generation.

An ORV safety training class is mandatory for riders under sixteen and instructors are needed to teach the classes. Training will be offered at a three day academy in which instructors will receive hands-on experience as well as scenario based training.

“Off-road vehicle riding is very popular in the Upper Peninsula and it’s continuing to grow in popularity and a lot of people, even if you’re riding on private land, you still need to have an ORV safety certification to do that if you are sixteen years or younger,” Pepin said. “It’s a great opportunity for people that already are riding off-road vehicles and ya know enjoy that a lot. It’s a chance to pass on their skills to others and help people get the qualifications that they need to be certified in this sport.”

The U.P. academy is being held in Escanaba at the State Fair Grounds. The class starts May 20th and ends on the 22nd. Class size is limited to 24 and enrollment is first-come, first-serve. For more information, please visit the DNR’s website.