'Fill Your Basket' for Easter

MARQUETTE — With Easter just a few days away, one spot in Downtown Marquette is looking to help you ‘Fill Your Basket.’

The Marquette Regional History Center Gift Shop is in the midst of a ‘Fill Your Basket’ special.

Customers have the opportunity to pick out five different children’s items for an Easter Basket for $35. Different gift options include puppets, books, rocks and more.

Officials with the history center hope to generate a lot of traffic through the gift shop and the museum with the sale.

“We don’t get the chance to offer a lot of sales because we have a lot of consignment items in the store,” said Jessica Bays, gift shop store manager. “However, all of the children’s items, the puppets, children’s literature, medal models; things like that. Those are all options for us to put out on sale.”

The ‘Fill Your Basket’ sale runs today, Thursday and Saturday. The gift shop is closed on Good Friday.