City Council works to get the most out of the budget

ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming City Council held a special meeting this morning with three important items on the agenda.

With the first item the council approved all of the labor union agreements. The main item on the agenda was the approval of the 2015 budget amendments.

“We’re on a continued path to improvement,” said Finance Director Jim Lampman, “we’re starting to put some long–term plans in place to improve the overall financial position. At the same time, we tried to address some of the issues that we’re facing.”

Some of those issues include infrastructure issues, the roundabout project which will start next year, and a water system improvement project set to take place in the next few years. The city also mentioned accommodating residents for the current economic situation.

“We’re trying to make the best use of the citizen’s tax dollars as possible. We try to be very budget conscious; we’re looking at ways we can improve the overall functionality of the city, both through infrastructure, and operation. We’re trying to be very budget conscious with your dollars.”

The meeting concluded with the council approving a change to the ongoing city facilities improvement project.