ESCANABA — Being that we’re less than a year away from another major election season, many politicians are playing the balancing act of campaigning and continuing to fulfill their political duties.

During our one on one conversation with State Senator Tom Casperson Monday, we asked him about how he plans on continuing to fulfill his responsibilities in Lansing and campaigning for the first congressional district seat.

“It’s going to be a challenge. Everyone is hunkered down because it’s going to be big,” said Casperson. “We have a lot of things in the bullpen right now down in Lansing. I’ve got pieces of legislation that I definitely want to get through and it is related to making Lansing listen. We’re not letting go of those things. We just have to do double duty now.”

A couple items that Casperson is working on include Senate Bill 591, which deals with changing regulations for small copper mines, and a land management plan that Casperson says Governor Snyder really wants to get done.

An announcement about the land management plan could be made in early 2016.