MARQUETTE — A web–based application that provides hunters with more than a standard map can was recently improved.

Mi-Hunt is a web–based application for hunters, fisherman, and people who just love the outdoors. The service has been available for a few years now, but has recently added seven million acres of huntable land. New beneficial features have been added as well.

“It’s the land that’s in National Forest, and what they’ve added in there is the cover types,” said DNR General Office Assistant Chris Koren, “so it’s a great pre–scouting tool that you can use before you go hunting. You can get the layout of the land, you can look up what type of trees are growing up in the area, what density the trees are growing at, and a general age that you can expect of the trees.”

The web–based app also shows topography, and aerial photographs from throughout the years back to 1998. Mi-Hunt also has other layers that are geared toward hiking trails, boat launches, recreational facilities, campgrounds and more.

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