LANSING — A bill designed to allow local jurisdictions to include proposals in the Presidential primary was sent back to the Michigan Senate last week.

The Senate Committee on Elections and Government Reform voted unanimously to report House Bill 4904, sponsored by Representative Ed McBroom, to the floor with recommendation that the bill should pass. The bill would designate the statewide primary as a regular election date, and it would also clarify filing dates for ballot proposals.

While speaking before the committee, McBroom pointed out potentially positive fiscal impacts the bill could have on local governments.

“I think that one thing that’s also just critical to recognize is that the locals can then go ahead and schedule elections any time. They can call on that, however, they have to pay for it then, and when there’s already an election running, we’re paying for it. It’s really, I think, better government and a better use of our dollars to allow them to piggyback on that,” said McBroom.

The bill passed the House of Representatives with a 105 to one vote at the beginning of the month. It will likely be heard by the Senate committee of the whole on Tuesday.