Performance Rally in full swing

HOUGHTON — Houghton has converted into the headquarters for a performance rally this weekend.

The Lake Superior Performance Rally is in full swing. 50 cars are entered in this national rally, including a few local teams.

Rally Driver Matt Hukki says, “I’m here from Houghton. It’s kind of nice to be local here for this rally. I’ve been watching rally here at the LSPR since I was a child. It’s been in my blood since then. I knew that the moment I could actually afford to do it, I said I was going to have a car and do it and I’ve been doing it now for about 14 years.”

Rally Driver Ian Topping says, “I’m originally from Flint, Michigan. I’m currently in the Navy so I’ve been all over the place, over the states. Really where I got my start was from my dad, he really brought me up in the sport right from the beginning. We’ve been racing since 2010 and we’re keeping it going, so it’s a good time.”

While drivers got there start nearby, a few teams travel from across the globe. The Lake Superior Performance Rally calls itself the oldest, meanest, toughest rally on the circuit. The unpredictable weather might have something to do with that.

Hukki says,”You run into all kinds of different conditions here at the LSPR compared to a lot of the other rallies. So, it makes it very challenging.”

This rally continues Saturday, October 17th with stages starting between 11 and 7.

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