Liquor is back at the Library

HOUGHTON — A popular restaurant in Houghton can once again offer an adult beverage to go along with their customers’ meals.

The Library in Houghton is once again a full–service restaurant and brew pub. For more than two weeks, you wouldn’t have been able to be served alcohol at the Library because the state temporarily suspended the establishment’s liquor license.

The restaurant’s owner is Jim Cortright, who is also co–owner of Habaneros Fresh Mexican Kitchen in Hancock. Balancing the two businesses during a slow period led to other problems.

Owner Jim Cortright said, “It’s a cash flow business and we get behind, let’s say, in April, May, and June—but then we catch up in July, August, September and October. It’s just the nature of the beast.”

Being behind on paperwork and payments to the state led to the license being taken away. Everything has now been straightened out and the Library can serve spirits to their

It was a precarious time for the business, but it was the customers themselves who pulled them through.

Cortright said, “Our loyal customers, the people that support us and others that may have heard were coming into the building knowing we needed some help and they were willing to come in and keep us open during that time because, without those people, we’d be standing here with a whole different ending to this story.

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